EXTH-EN001 Infernity Dragon

EXTH-EN002 Cauldron Spellcaster

EXTH-EN003 Cauldron Spirit

EXTH-EN004 Steam Turtle

EXTH-EN005 Rockstone Dragon

EXTH-EN006 Strongwind Engine

EXTH-EN007 Ground Golem

EXTH-EN008 Crosslight Champion

EXTH-EN009 Ground Master

EXTH-EN010 Raging Centaur

EXTH-EN011 Ground Beetle

EXTH-EN012 Ground Scorpion

EXTH-EN013 Crock Monster

EXTH-EN014 Adverse Ghoul

EXTH-EN015 Ground Barrage

EXTH-EN016 Adverse Stream

EXTH-EN017 Cauldron Powerfuel

EXTH-EN018 Drillmotor

EXTH-EN019 Barrage Warrior LV 5

EXTH-EN020 Barrage Warrior LV 7

EXTH-EN021 Barrage Warrior LV 3

EXTH-EN022 Darkseed Dragon

EXTH-EN023 Ground Fury Ape

EXTH-EN024 Stygian Spider

EXTH-EN025 Ground Reptile

EXTH-EN026 Struck Dragon

EXTH-EN027 Splendid Dragon

EXTH-EN028 Krakatoa Dragon

EXTH-EN029 Cauldron Dragon

EXTH-EN030 Surge Dragon

EXTH-EN031 Mechanical Knight

EXTH-EN032 Ground Dragon

EXTH-EN033 Radiant Dragon

EXTH-EN034 Offensive Release

EXTH-EN035 Assault Detonation

EXTH-EN036 Overlord Legend

EXTH-EN037 Shining Colliseum

EXTH-EN038 Surge Protection

EXTH-EN039 Calming Plethora

EXTH-EN040 Obstacle Reversal

EXTH-EN041 Power of the Dragons

EXTH-EN042 Spellcaster Seal

EXTH-EN043 Strong Handcuff

EXTH-EN044 Swamp of Sunken Weed

EXTH-EN045 Adverse Space

EXTH-EN046 Expansion Pressure

EXTH-EN047 Valley Sculpture

EXTH-EN048 Absolution of Misery

EXTH-EN049 Whole Stroke

EXTH-EN050 Ancient Pot

EXTH-EN051 Deception

EXTH-EN052 Graveyard Hole

EXTH-EN053 Supporter of Symbols

EXTH-EN054 Explosive Release

EXTH-EN055 Symbol of Curses

EXTH-EN056 Opressive Tempest

EXTH-EN057 Irrestricted Summon

EXTH-EN058 Darkness Rampart

EXTH-EN059 Underworld Hole

EXTH-EN060 Raging Darkness

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